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Unveiling the Power of Protection Crystals: Recovering Celtic Magic

Jese Leos
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Published in Protection Crystals: Recovering Celtic Magic
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In the realm of ancient Celtic wisdom, the use of crystals for protection has been a venerated practice for centuries. The Celts believed that certain precious stones possessed supernatural properties that could safeguard them from negative energies, enchantments, and malevolent spirits. Today, the knowledge of these cherished protection crystals is experiencing a revival, allowing individuals all over the world to reconnect with the enchanting Celtic magic and experience its transformative power.

In this captivating journey, we will delve into the fascinating attributes of various Celtic-inspired protection crystals, explore their rich folklore, and learn how these exquisite gemstones can help us reclaim balance, positivity, and spiritual harmony in our lives.

The Legend of the Emerald: An Emblem of Celtic Protection

One of the most well-known protection crystals in Celtic lore is the emerald. Revered for its lush green hue and captivating beauty, the emerald symbolizes the sacred forces of nature. The Celts believed that wearing an emerald amulet could protect against dark enchantments and ward off evil spirits.

Protection Crystals: Recovering Celtic Magic
Protection Crystals: Recovering Celtic Magic
by Carmen de la Torre Pe帽a(Kindle Edition)

5 out of 5

Language : English
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Print length : 259 pages
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According to Celtic legends, emeralds were said to reveal hidden truths, enhance spiritual insight, and grant wisdom. They were also thought to possess the power of prophecy, allowing their users to glimpse into the future. With its abundant spiritual energies, the emerald serves as a powerful catalyst for transformation and personal growth.

The Mystic Energy of Amethyst: Harnessing Spiritual Protection

Another revered crystal in Celtic tradition is the amethyst. Known for its enchanting violet hue, the amethyst is believed to possess an immense spiritual energy that acts as a protective shield against negative influences.

The Celts regarded the amethyst as a sacred stone capable of warding off psychic attacks and purifying the mind, body, and soul. It was believed to bring balance and harmony to its wearer and enhance one's spiritual connection. Back in the Celtic era, warriors often carried amethysts into battle to provide them with courage, strength, and protection.

The Radiant Defense of Obsidian: Transmuting Negative Energies

Obsidian, a volcanic glass formed through rapid cooling, holds a captivating allure in Celtic mythology due to its potent protective properties. The Celts believed this dark and lustrous crystal served as a shield against malevolent forces, purging negativity and dispelling harmful energies from the surroundings.

Known as the "mirror stone," obsidian was believed to reflect negative intentions back to their senders. It was considered a powerful talisman capable of absorbing psychic attacks and guarding one's energy field. Blending the mystical properties of obsidian with Celtic enchantment allows us to harness its radiant defense for our spiritual well-being.

The Ancient Connection of Bloodstone: Strengthening Vitality and Protection

Bloodstone, with its deep green hue speckled with red, is a crystal deeply ingrained in Celtic folklore. Known for its ability to strengthen vitality and endurance, bloodstone was associated with the warriors of ancient Celtic clans.

Revered for its protective qualities, bloodstone was believed to have the power to repel evil spirits, protect against physical harm, and shield from magical attacks. It was seen as a stone of courage, bringing out the warrior within and promoting resilience in the face of adversity.

Tap into the Celtic Magic with Protection Crystals

The ancient Celts understood the mystical properties possessed by these protection crystals and their ability to connect them with the unseen realm. Today, we have the privilege of reclaiming this lost wisdom and tapping into the Celtic magic for our own spiritual journey.

By incorporating these protection crystals into our lives, we can invite balance, resilience, and positive energies. Whether through wearing them as jewelry, keeping them in spaces where we seek protection, or meditating with them for enhanced spiritual awareness, protection crystals allow us to rediscover the profound connection between our existence and the cosmic forces.

Embrace the enchantment of the Celts and embark on a transformative journey with these protection crystals. Experience the merging of ancient wisdom with modern-day spirituality as you uncover their extraordinary power and reclaim the Celtic magic within.

Protection Crystals: Recovering Celtic Magic
Protection Crystals: Recovering Celtic Magic
by Carmen de la Torre Pe帽a(Kindle Edition)

5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 17446 KB
Text-to-Speech : Enabled
Screen Reader : Supported
Enhanced typesetting : Enabled
Word Wise : Enabled
Print length : 259 pages
Lending : Enabled

Since ancient times, human beings have tried to protect themselves from what they saw and what they did not see, what they perceived as evil.Negative energies, disincarnated souls, conscious or unconscious manipulations, evil eye and all kinds of projections that damage the energetic integrity, are collected in this book in an easy analysis to understand how they affect your will and proceed to eliminate them with the use of crystals and mental programming.In the shelter of this new magic of the Being of Light, we will open ourselves to the Celtic influence of the ancient druids and magicians, incorporating their symbolism, use of herbs, knowledge of the astral sky, as well as the use of the medicinal wheel of crystals as a deep meditation exercise to find the direction that will guide our steps.You will learn to use the runes as a tool to guide you on your way. Construction of crystalline structures and how to activate them. Use and function of the rods of power and even how to build your own rod. In short, all the steps to establish your own protection ritual aligned with the forces of nature as did the ancient Druids.The magic you hoped for begins in you.

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