Students Wanted!

Are you interested in exploring the implications of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) on human-computer interaction? Do you have a revolutionary idea how to improve the way we interact with virtual content? Or are you interested in the psychological aspect of navigation and orientation in AR/VR?

Then contact me to set up a meeting and brain storm about a bachelor/master/individual project. Let’s be creative together!

Here are some pointers to interesting topics:

  • Multi-user interaction/collaboration in VR/AR (e.g. remote industrial maintenance, playing VR games together,…)
  • Bio-metrical feedback loop (e.g. increase game difficulty when heart rate goes up)
  • A novel locomotion system for VR, i.e. a natural and simulator sickness-free motion technique
  • High-fidelity haptic feedback in VR (e.g. a deformable hand-worn device to simulate shapes in VR)
  • Efficient target selection and text input in VR/AR (e.g. use a wearable device for high-precision input)

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