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When Goodfellas, Divas, and Dealers Plotted Against The Plague

Jese Leos
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Published in Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas Divas And Dealers Plotted Against The Plague
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They say desperate times call for desperate measures. History has witnessed numerous instances where unexpected alliances were formed to combat common enemies. During the time of the deadly plague that swept across Europe in the 14th century, an unlikely group came together to battle the devastating disease. This peculiar alliance consisted of goodfellas, divas, and dealers.

The bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death, spread like wildfire during the Middle Ages. It left a trail of death and despair wherever it ventured. As despair surged among the population, people from various walks of life sought refuge in unique alliances to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The Goodfellas: A Ray of Hope

When society was crumbling under the weight of the plague, a group of individuals emerged as beacons of hope. These unlikely heroes were none other than the "goodfellas" – compassionate individuals who risked their lives to help those affected by the disease.

Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas Divas and Dealers Plotted Against the Plague
Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas, Divas, and Dealers Plotted Against the Plague
by Mark Zingarelli(Kindle Edition)

5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 131234 KB
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Print length : 160 pages

Humanity flourished in the hearts of these brave souls who braved the perils of the plague-ridden streets. They provided aid, comfort, and medical assistance to the afflicted, often defying societal norms and expectations.

They treated the infected with genuine care and created makeshift hospitals and quarantine zones. Their unwavering dedication in the face of death did not go unnoticed. The selflessness of these goodfellas gave a glimmer of hope to a desperate population.

The Divas: Shaping Society during Desperation

While the world was falling apart, another group of individuals emerged with remarkable resilience – the divas. These powerful women used their influence, charm, and talent to contribute to society during one of the darkest periods in history.

The divas were not just ordinary performers; they became social influencers, community leaders, and symbolized strength. Through their performances, they brought moments of joy and inspiration, momentarily easing the burden of the plague's wrath.

Whether it was singing, dancing, or acting, these talented divas reminded the world of the power of art amidst chaos. Their performances served as a temporary escape, a beacon of light in an otherwise grim reality.

The Dealers: Navigating a Plagued Economy

As the plague wreaked havoc on society, economic destruction followed in its wake. Amid the chaos, a group emerged determined to navigate through the harsh realities of a plagued economy – the dealers.

These resourceful individuals found innovative ways to keep businesses afloat, even in the face of adversity. They adapted their trade to fit the changing landscape, using their entrepreneurial spirit to reshape the shattered economy.

From creating alternative markets to organizing underground trade networks, the dealers embraced the challenges posed by the plague. They played a vital role in ensuring the survival of not only businesses but also the overall economic stability of their communities.

The Unlikely Alliance

As the plague tightened its grip on society, these three disparate groups found themselves entangled in a unique alliance. The goodfellas, divas, and dealers realized that by combining their strengths, they could combat the plague more effectively.

The goodfellas brought their compassion and medical expertise, providing aid to the sick and dying. The divas used their performances to inspire hope in the hearts of the desperate, reminding them of the beauty that still existed in the world. The dealers contributed by sustainably managing the economy and ensuring essential supplies reached those in need.

Together, they formed a formidable force, defying societal norms and expectations, working tirelessly to save lives and rebuild their communities. Their resilience, creativity, and determination in the face of grim circumstances left a lasting impact on the course of history.

Inspiration in Dark Times

The tale of when goodfellas, divas, and dealers plotted against the plague serves as a powerful reminder that even in the most desperate of times, humanity can rise above its challenges. It showcases the strength of unity, compassion, and determination.

Today, as the world faces its own set of challenges, we can draw inspiration from the unlikely alliance that emerged during the reign of the plague. By embracing compassion, resilience, and innovation, we can overcome any obstacles that come our way, just as the goodfellas, divas, and dealers did during one of the darkest periods in history.

The history of the bubonic plague is marked by tragedy, loss, and despair. However, it is also filled with tales of heroism, unity, and resilience. When goodfellas, divas, and dealers formed an alliance against the plague, they showcased how humanity can come together to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The lessons from this unique alliance still resonate today. In times of crisis, we must remember the power of unity, compassion, and innovation. We must draw inspiration from those who came before us and continue to fight against all odds.

Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas Divas and Dealers Plotted Against the Plague
Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas, Divas, and Dealers Plotted Against the Plague
by Mark Zingarelli(Kindle Edition)

5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 131234 KB
Screen Reader : Supported
Print length : 160 pages

Winner of the 2015 Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBT Graphic NovelA Village Voice Best Graphic Novel of 2014

The renowned graphic-book author Joyce Brabner's
Second Avenue Caper is the true story of a tight-knit group of artists and activists living in New York City in the early 1980s who found themselves on the front lines in the fight against AIDS.

Struggling to understand the disease and how they could help, they made a deal with a bona fide goodfella, donned masterful disguises, piled into an "A-Team" van, and set off for the border, determined to save their bedridden friends by smuggling an experimental drug into the United States from Mexico.

With their community in crisis and the world turned against them, this impassioned gang of misfits never gave up hope as they searched for ways to raise awareness and beat the plague. Fast-paced, poignant, and beautifully illustrated by the award-winning illustrator Mark Zingarelli, Second Avenue Caper is a heartfelt tribute to the generation that faced down AIDS.

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