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Just One More Question: The Untold Power of Curiosity

Jese Leos
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Published in Just One More Question: Stories From A Life In Neurology
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Curiosity, they say, killed the cat. But what if I told you that curiosity also has the power to bring the cat back to life? In a world that thrives on knowledge and innovation, curiosity is the driving force that propels humanity towards greater heights. It is the insatiable desire to ask, seek, and learn that has led to some of the most groundbreaking discoveries throughout history.

Just One More Question is a phrase often uttered by those who crave knowledge and understanding. It is a mindset that pushes us to unravel the mysteries of the universe, to dig deeper into the unknown, and to challenge the boundaries of what we think we know. But what exactly makes curiosity such a powerful tool for human growth and development? Let's dive in and explore the untold power of curiosity.

The Curiosity Connection

Curiosity is deeply ingrained in our human nature. From the moment we are born, we begin to explore the world around us, constantly seeking answers to our own questions. This innate sense of curiosity is what drives us to learn and adapt to new environments. It is the spark that ignites our desire for knowledge and understanding.

Just One More Question: Stories from a Life in Neurology
Just One More Question: Stories from a Life in Neurology
by Niall Tubridy(Kindle Edition)

4.4 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 1079 KB
Text-to-Speech : Enabled
Enhanced typesetting : Enabled
Word Wise : Enabled
Print length : 250 pages
Screen Reader : Supported

When we ask questions, our brains are stimulated to search for answers. This cognitive process strengthens our neural connections and promotes better memory retention. By engaging in a continuous cycle of questioning and seeking answers, we improve our problem-solving skills and expand our intellectual capacity.

Moreover, curiosity creates a sense of wonder and excitement. It pushes us to take risks, explore new horizons, and step outside of our comfort zones. By embracing curiosity, we open ourselves up to new opportunities and experiences that can lead to personal and professional growth.

The Power of Curiosity in Science

Scientific breakthroughs are often the result of years of questioning, experimenting, and refining theories. Curiosity is the driving force behind scientific exploration. Think of all the great scientists throughout history who have shaped our understanding of the world – from Galileo to Einstein. Their unwavering curiosity fueled their relentless pursuit of knowledge and made them pioneers in their fields.

In the world of science, "Just One More Question" is not just a phrase but a mantra. It represents the tireless dedication to unraveling the mysteries of the universe, no matter how complex or challenging they may seem. It is through this relentless pursuit of answers that we have made incredible advancements in medicine, technology, and countless other fields.

Take, for instance, the discovery of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming. It was his curiosity and keen observation that led him to the groundbreaking realization that mold could kill bacteria. This accidental discovery revolutionized the field of medicine and saved countless lives. Without Fleming's insatiable curiosity, this life-saving medication may have remained hidden in plain sight.

Curiosity: The Fuel for Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of progress. And at the core of every innovation lies a curious mind. The greatest inventors and entrepreneurs throughout history were driven by their insatiable curiosity to create something new, something that would change the world.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., once famously said, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." His relentless curiosity fueled his drive to create iconic products that revolutionized the way we live, work, and communicate.

Curiosity not only fuels innovation but also fosters a growth mindset. It encourages us to embrace failure as an opportunity for learning and improvement. When we approach challenges with a curious mindset, we are more likely to find creative solutions and overcome obstacles.

The Role of Curiosity in Personal Growth

Curiosity has a profound impact on personal growth and development. By asking questions and seeking answers, we expand our knowledge, broaden our perspective, and become more open-minded individuals.

Moreover, curiosity cultivates empathy and understanding. When we are genuinely curious about others, their experiences, and their perspectives, we become better listeners and communicators. This, in turn, strengthens our relationships and fosters a sense of community.

Furthermore, curiosity provides us with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It drives us to remain engaged and interested in the world around us, ensuring that we never stop learning and growing. By embracing the "Just One More Question" mentality, we perpetuate a cycle of lifelong learning that enriches our lives and the lives of those around us.

The Never-Ending Quest for Answers

In a world filled with infinite possibilities, curiosity is our compass. It guides us on a never-ending quest for answers, propelling us towards new discoveries and opportunities. By embracing curiosity, we tap into the limitless potential of our minds and unlock a world of unimaginable wonders.

So, the next time you find yourself uttering the words "Just One More Question," embrace the power of curiosity. For it is through curiosity that we build a better future, one question at a time.

Just One More Question: Stories from a Life in Neurology
Just One More Question: Stories from a Life in Neurology
by Niall Tubridy(Kindle Edition)

4.4 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 1079 KB
Text-to-Speech : Enabled
Enhanced typesetting : Enabled
Word Wise : Enabled
Print length : 250 pages
Screen Reader : Supported

The No 1 Bestseller

'Compelling ... colourful, thoughtful' Sunday Independent
'Tubridy's compassionate, no-nonsense approach makes him a comforting guide through the landscape of neurological medicine' Irish Times

As a medical student Niall Tubridy fell in love with neurology. Figuring out how the brain and nervous system signal problems was a form of high stakes detective work and answers could be life-changing.

Just One More Question is the story of Niall Tubridy's career in neurology. He shares the stories of encounters that are, by turn, poignant, dramatic and funny, such as...

- The chef who goes for his usual morning walk, and loses his memory for the next six hours
- The painter who believes her left hand is her guardian angel

- The eager young lover whose head 'explodes' every time he orgasms

Using simple and illuminating language Tubridy also explains well-known conditions like multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease and Parkinson's and and brings us into the examining room as he accompanies patients with these diagnoses on their challenging path.

In addition, he reflects candidly on the reasons he, a doctor's son, went into medicine, how he has been tested, and what he has learned about people - and about himself - along the way.

Revealing, gripping and moving, Just One More Question will make you think in a new way about the human brain - and about what it's like to be a doctor.


'Fascinating ... teems with interesting characters' Sunday Business Post

'[Oliver] Sacks hoped that his neurological tales ... could bring us closer to where the psychic and the physical meet ... Tubridy's concerns are less rarefied. He wants us to understand the human toll that illness takes' Sunday Times

'It's a most readable book. There's no jargon in it' Seán O'Rourke, RTÉ

'[My brother] has written a book which has to be one of the most extraordinary books written in Irish medical history! I would say that, wouldn't I? But it is great. It's really good, really accessible, a super read. We're all very proud of him' Ryan Tubridy, RTÉ

'Fascinating' Liz Nugent

'Very interesting and very entertaining' Pat Kenny

'Niall's sense of wonder at the human brain is enormously clear even with almost three decades of work in the field under his belt' RTÉ Lifestyle

'Will make you think in a whole new way about the human brain'
Ireland AM

'A book that will fascinate you with the patients' tales but leave you at the end pondering the notion of what life really is'

'Simple and illuminating' Irish News

'Written in a very accessible way for non-medical people, like myself' Dave Fanning, RTÉ

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