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Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol Foundational Body Training - Unlocking Inner Strength and Health

Jese Leos
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Published in Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol 4: Foundational Body Training
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Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol Foundational Body Training Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol 4: Foundational Body Training

Are you looking to increase your strength, improve your health, and tap into your inner power? Look no further!

Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol Foundational Body Training is an ancient Chinese practice that has been passed down through generations. This comprehensive training program focuses on developing internal strength, promoting overall wellness, and enhancing martial arts performance.

What sets Ba Gua Nei Gong apart from other forms of training is its emphasis on cultivating vital energy or "Qi" within the body. By harnessing and directing this energy through specific movements and postures, practitioners can experience a wide range of physical and mental benefits.

Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol 4: Foundational Body Training
Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 4: Foundational Body Training
by Tom Bisio(Kindle Edition)

4.9 out of 5

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Throughout the training, various exercises and techniques are employed to activate and balance the body's energy pathways, known as meridians. These meridians are connected to different organs and parts of the body, and by harmonizing their flow, practitioners can achieve improved health, flexibility, and vitality.

The Power of Ba Gua Nei Gong

Ba Gua Nei Gong is based on the principles of the Bagua or Eight Trigrams theory, which is deeply rooted in Taoist philosophy. It combines circular walking patterns, specific postures, and systematic breathing techniques to create a holistic practice that benefits both the body and mind.

The training starts with foundational body exercises that focus on developing core strength and stability. These exercises involve slow and controlled movements that engage the muscles, tendons, and joints, promoting flexibility, endurance, and balance.

One of the key principles of Ba Gua Nei Gong is the synchronization of movement with proper breathing. By coordinating each movement with the breath, practitioners enhance their body's energy circulation, resulting in a more profound understanding and control of their internal energies.

In addition to the physical benefits, Ba Gua Nei Gong also works on cultivating mental clarity and emotional well-being. The meditative nature of the training helps calm the mind, reduce stress, and improve focus and concentration.

The Three Treasures of Ba Gua Nei Gong

In Ba Gua Nei Gong, there are three fundamental aspects, known as the "Three Treasures," that are developed through consistent practice:

  • Jing (Essence): Cultivating jing involves strengthening the physical body, nourishing the organs, and maintaining overall vitality.
  • Qi (Energy): The cultivation of qi focuses on harnessing and directing vital energy for health, strength, and heightened awareness.
  • Shen (Spirit): Mastering shen involves developing mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual awareness.

By working on these three treasures simultaneously, practitioners experience a profound transformation, unlocking their inner strength and health potential.

The Benefits of Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol Foundational Body Training

Ba Gua Nei Gong offers a wide range of benefits that contribute to overall well-being:

  • Improved physical strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Enhanced vitality and energy levels.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety.
  • Increased mental clarity and focus.
  • Enhanced immune system function.
  • Improved digestion and overall organ health.
  • Heightened self-awareness and mindfulness.

Whether you're a martial artist looking to improve your performance or someone interested in enhancing your overall health and well-being, Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol Foundational Body Training offers a comprehensive approach that can benefit individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Unlock Your Inner Strength Today!

Ready to experience the transformative power of Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol Foundational Body Training? Join the ranks of those who have tapped into their inner strength and health!

Discover the wonders of Ba Gua Nei Gong and unlock your full potential with these foundational body training techniques. Start your journey towards improved strength, health, and vitality today!

Unlock Your Inner Strength and Health with Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol Foundational Body Training!

Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol 4: Foundational Body Training
Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 4: Foundational Body Training
by Tom Bisio(Kindle Edition)

4.9 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 5640 KB
Text-to-Speech : Enabled
Screen Reader : Supported
Enhanced typesetting : Enabled
Word Wise : Enabled
Print length : 177 pages
Lending : Enabled

Embedded within the martial art Ba Gua Zhang is a complete system of internal exercises that promote self-healing and longevity and transform consciousness. Ba Gua Nei Gong consists of nine powerful and profound methods of internal exercise and self-cultivation. This book is the fourth in a series of manuals on Ba Gua Nei Gong. It can be used in conjunction with actual instruction in Ba Gua Zhang, or employed as a stand-alone instruction manual.

Foundational Body Training (Ba Gua Ji Ben Gong)
This book covers The 28 Foundational Exercises (Ji Ben Gong) and Ba Gua%u2019s Foundational Walking Nei Gong. For those interested primarily in Nei Gong, both sets of exercises are an important step in continuing the opening of the main meridians and the Extraordinary Vessels, and in freeing the body of physical, mental and psychic blockages and restrictions. The 28 Foundational Exercises improve joint mobility, strengthen tendons and bones, and balance the musculature of the body, all while actively engaging the body%u2019s natural, spiral-like movements.

For those interested in Ba Gua as a martial art, Ji Ben Gong are the key developmental exercises that form the foundation of one%u2019s skill in Ba Gua Zhang. Every movement in The 28 Foundational Exercises trains basic body actions and internal principles used in all facets of Ba Gua training. Each exercise has a specific purpose that operates simultaneously on a physical, energetic and martial level. Daily practice of Ji Ben Gong helps one to internalize many of the core movements that are the basic building blocks of Ba Gua%u2019s circular changes. Internalizing these movements is critical to developing higher level skills. For this reason, The 28 Foundational Exercises are often used as a daily exercise routine or as a warm-up before practicing other Ba Gua skills.

The Foundational Walking Exercises - the Linear Mud Step and the Crane Step - are the beginning stage in developing Ba Gua%u2019s unique circular %u201CMud Wading Step%u201D (Tang Ni Bu). These foundational walking practices are the important basis of more advanced footwork patterns, and are also powerful stand-alone Nei Gong exercises. Externally, the Linear Mud Step and the Crane Step strengthen and align muscles and joints of the legs while energetically connecting the power of the legs to the waist and torso. Internally, these stepping methods act as Nei Gong practices which open and activate the Central Channel and the meridians.

The Ba Gua Nei Gong Series:
1.Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 1: Yin Yang Patting and Dao Yin Exercises
2.Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 2: Qi Cultivation Exercises and Standing Meditation
3.Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 3: Twelve Posture Standing
4.Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 4: Foundational Body Training
5.Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 5: Tian Gan Heavenly Stem Nei Gong
6.Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 6: Marrow Washing Nei Gong

Tom Bisio is known internationally as a martial artist and practitioner of Chinese medicine. He has studied Chinese medicine and martial arts extensively in mainland China Tom is the author of several books on Ba Gua Zhang, Nei Gong, Daoist Meditation and Chinese medicine. He is the founder of New York Internal Arts and Internal Arts International (

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