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The Meridian Opening Palms of Ba Gua Zhang: Unveiling the Hidden Power

Jese Leos
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Published in Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong: The Meridian Opening Palms Of Ba Gua Zhang
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The ancient Chinese martial art of Ba Gua Zhang is known for its unique circular footwork and intricate palm techniques. Among these techniques, the Meridian Opening Palms stand out as a powerful tool for cultivating internal energy and enhancing both physical and mental well-being. In this article, we will delve into the secrets of the Meridian Opening Palms and explore their profound benefits.

The Essence of the Meridian Opening Palms

Within the system of Ba Gua Zhang, the Meridian Opening Palms are a set of fundamental exercises that aim to open the body's energy pathways, known as meridians. By performing specific movements and postures, practitioners stimulate the flow of Qi (vital energy) along these meridians, promoting overall health and vitality.

Each Meridian Opening Palm is associated with a specific meridian, targeting different organs and body systems. By systematically activating these meridians, Ba Gua Zhang practitioners enhance their internal energy circulation, improve organ function, and strengthen their overall constitution.

Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong: The Meridian Opening Palms of Ba Gua Zhang
Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong: The Meridian Opening Palms of Ba Gua Zhang
by Tom Bisio(Kindle Edition)

4.5 out of 5

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The Secrets of Internal Power

While the external aspect of Ba Gua Zhang is visually impressive with its circular footwork and swift palm strikes, the true power lies in cultivating internal energy. The Meridian Opening Palms play a vital role in harnessing this internal power and developing a strong foundation.

Through consistent practice, the Meridian Opening Palms enhance the practitioner's ability to generate and direct Qi within their body. This internal energy can be used for self-defense, healing, or simply to maintain a state of balance and serenity.

The Meridian Opening Palms also aid in the development of the "peng" energy, a unique quality of Ba Gua Zhang practitioners. Peng energy refers to an expansive, resilient, and penetrating force that enables the practitioner to effortlessly redirect incoming attacks and maintain structural integrity.

Health Benefits of the Meridian Opening Palms

The Meridian Opening Palms not only provide martial benefits but also have a profound impact on the overall well-being of practitioners. Regular practice of these exercises is known to:

  • Enhance energy levels and combat fatigue
  • Improve circulation and strengthen cardiovascular health
  • Boost immune function and promote overall physical resilience
  • Regulate hormonal balance and support emotional well-being
  • Improve posture, flexibility, and coordination
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation
  • Aid in the prevention and management of chronic diseases

Unlocking the Power Within

To unlock the full potential of the Meridian Opening Palms, it is crucial to approach the practice with mindfulness and dedication. While the movements may appear simple, mastering them requires patience and perseverance.

Beginners are advised to seek guidance from an experienced Ba Gua Zhang instructor to ensure correct execution and avoid potential injuries. The instructor can provide valuable insights into the subtleties of the movements, breath control, and energy cultivation.

Consistency is key, and regular practice is essential to reap the benefits of the Meridian Opening Palms. Allocating a specific time and space for practice, along with a committed mindset, will facilitate progress and allow one to delve deeper into the art's wisdom.

The Meridian Opening Palms of Ba Gua Zhang hold a wealth of hidden power and offer numerous benefits to those who explore their potential. Whether one is seeking improved martial skills or enhanced well-being, these exercises provide a gateway to a deeper understanding of oneself and the harmonious workings of the body and mind.

By incorporating the Meridian Opening Palms into one's routine, individuals can cultivate their internal energy, strengthen their constitution, and enjoy a greater sense of vitality. So, embrace the circular journey, unlock your internal power, and experience the transformative effects of the Meridian Opening Palms.

Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong: The Meridian Opening Palms of Ba Gua Zhang
Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong: The Meridian Opening Palms of Ba Gua Zhang
by Tom Bisio(Kindle Edition)

4.5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 10612 KB
Text-to-Speech : Enabled
Screen Reader : Supported
Enhanced typesetting : Enabled
Word Wise : Enabled
Print length : 291 pages
Lending : Enabled

Recent studies have shown that regular walking may be the ultimate cardiovascular exercise. However, the circle walking exercise of Ba Gua Zhang is not simply walking. It combines the benefits of walking with Qi Gong and meditation. It also develops a refined strength that can be employed in martial arts and other physical activities. Walking in a circle with intention, correct alignment and deep breathing is the characteristic internal exercise (Nei Gong) associated with the martial art Ba Gua Zhang. Circle Walking Nei Gong is not only the foundation of Ba Gua’s sophisticated fighting method, but also an incredible system of health preservation that nourishes life and staves off illness. Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong is rooted in ancient Daoist longevity exercises and internal alchemy practices, which aim at re-connecting us to our intrinsic nature and inner wisdom. While smoothly walking and circling, the practitioner holds different postures or “body patterns” known as Ding Shi. Each of these postures opens, unblocks and energizes a specific acupuncture meridian or group of meridians, thereby modulating and activating the body’s energetic matrix. Regular practice of Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong re-programs the body to walk and move correctly with balance, power and agility, while powerfully energizing the body and calming the nervous system.

In Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong: The Meridian Opening Palms of Ba Gua Zhang, author Tom Bisio, a renowned martial artist and acupuncturist, details the practice method and theory of this powerful system of internal exercise. The postures, alignments and practice methods are clearly explained and correlated with practical discussions of meridian pathways and pathologies from the perspective of internal Nei Gong practice. These discussions are accompanied by extensive illustrations, including drawings rendered from photographs of famous Ba Gua masters holding the Nei Gong postures. Also included are medical applications of Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong, and an to the rarely taught Ba Gua Energy Accepting Palm, in which vital force (qi) is absorbed from the natural environment. A must-have for acupuncturists, martial artists and practitioners of the internal energy arts.

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